Tendril has been tasked to create & develop hero imagery and illustrated elements for their Defender software. Our task was to design their hero image so it could be used across several mediums to advertise the product. My task as a director was to lead designers, animators and VFX artists to achieve the desired result.uct.
Client: Microsoft
My Role: Direction


Client: Microsoft
Microsoft Creative Direction: Samuel Clarke
Production Company: Tendril
Executive Producer: Ivelle Jargalyn
Creative Director: Leo Mateus
Director: Gabriel Rocha
Producer: Brittany Sheahan 
Coordinator: Andrea Chan
Art Director: Gabriel Rocha and Gonzalo Miranda  
Design: Joan Garcia Pons, Samuel Bohn, Rita Louro, Runbo Chen, Aleks Liubas
Animation: Will Sharkey
Light + Render: Yeseong Kim, Joan Garcia Pons, Sylvain Gaussens, Brad Husband
Compositing: Corey Larson and Gabriel Rocha

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