It may seem backwards for a funeral company to focus on living longer, but that was exactly the idea behind the campaign for Mount Pleasant Group we created with Union Creative. 

The campaign centres on a series of comedic videos about survival tactics, ranging from the practical (how to save yourself from choking) to the niche (how to escape from an anaconda). As always when we receive funny and subversive scripts, we were ecstatic. The variety of "how not to die" situations in all ten of the spots proved to be a chance for our Sao Paulo studio to really show off their amazing design and stylised 2D animation chops. 

The team co-developed the storytelling from the agency's scripts for the ten spots, along with the storyboards, vibrant design, and cleverly comical animation.The main creative challenge our team faced was to adapt and transform the hilarious short scripts into dynamic, animated stories. We figured the shorter the better, and so we decided to use straight cuts and framings that would go right to the point to tell the story in a very direct way. 

The crazy and bravely taboo-breaking scripts for this campaign meant our team had a tonne of fun animating their nuanced absurdities. This is the kind of project that is a total pleasure to create; the kind that reminds us of why we love to do what we do. 

Fun fact: in Canada, a bear brawled with a live human just like our spot during animation production... More about that via The Guardian here!
See all the animated bits for the project below: 
Featured below are some styleframes / WIP materials for the project:
Campaign Credits:

Mount Pleasant Group

Union Creative

Production Company: 

Daniel Pommella

Creative Director:
Alexandre Torres

Executive Producer:
Kate Bate

Mary Anne Ledesma, Priscila Conde

Emilie Muszczak, Rodrigo Rezende, Leandro Beltran, Daniel Pommella

Gabriel Rocha, Leandro Beltran, Carlos Torres, Bruno Brasil, Samuel Bohn

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