The Game Awards Graphics Package

It was an honour to create the graphics package for the 2017 Game Awards, which are the Oscars of the gaming world.

The concept for the graphics package was intended as an homage to level design, while also honouring the generative / procedural visual approach that the client was hoping for. We figured that a procedural maze created with the Game Awards logo parts was a fun visual and a spot-on metaphor for a number of aspects of the game experience.

Our biggest technical challenge was to procedurally animate the architectural structure. The scenes were made of many parts so they quickly became quite heavy and slow to manipulate, but when we decided to move to Houdini the process started to become more manageable.

It took some time to arrive at the desirable look and feel of this piece, and we hope the sense of the journey is nicely conveyed in the visuals.

Client: The Game Awards “2017 Graphics Pkg”

Air Date: Dec 7th 2017

Animation Studio: Tendril

Creative Directors: Chris Bahry, Alex Torres

Executive Producer: Kate Bate

Director: Vini Nascimento

Producers: Mary Anne Ledesma, John Szebegyinski

Coordinators: Brittany Sheahan, Priscilla Benatti

Design: Vini Nascimento, Nidia Dias, Leo Mateus, Gabriel Rocha

Modellers: Vini Nascimento, Flavio Diniz, Samuel Bohn

Texture: Vini Nascimento, Alexandre Veaux

Layout: Vini Nascimento, Samuel Bohn

3D Animation & Simulation: Will Sharkey, Samuel Bohn, Vini Nascimento

Light & Render: Alexandre Veaux, Brad Husband

2D Animation & AE Compositing: Gabriel Rocha, Joseph Recoskie, Leo Mateus

Editor: Michael Barker 

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